Sod Installation

Sod Installation

The last few years have been drought, pest and insect ridden causing our lawns to become unhealthy and die. Re-sodding is the process to remove the dead grass as well as poor soil underneath this turf. In this way we will remove grubs and weeds as well as poor soil. Next we will rebuild the sub-soil with screened tosoil, level and grade and lastly, re-sod. Please see pictures of this process below. 

Our process of removing/installing sod

Weed/grub turf removal

Most homeowners are choosing to replace their lawn due to weed and/or grub infestations.


In order to install your new lawn, the old turf, weeds, soil, grubs...need to be removed first.

Soil and Grading

Once the old grass is removed, we can now start rebuilding the subsoil adjusting any major grade flaws.

Fine Grading

The final fine grading for sod is very important. Almost 50% of the time is spent creating the final grade.

Sod Installation

After grading, we can now install the fresh cut kentucky Blue grass sod. Each piece is inspected.


Watering of fresh cut sod is very important for the grass health and root uptake in Ontario.

The last step is watering, and it is the customers responsibilty. The sod must be soaked thru to the soil below for next 3 days, minimum.

If you're ready to book please read the following;

There is much to plan and organize when re-sodding. We need to know your dimensions or total square feet of sodding required firstly. From this information along with your address and city we can calculate the amount of sod required, labour to install, amount of soil, equipment required, size of disposal bin and delivery costs. If you are ready to book and have this information please click the book now link.